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product video

Valmet had the need to market their new Wet Electrostatic Precipitator (WESP) system for ships, which was developed to significantly reduce the particulate emissions of sea traffic. A strong emotional impact was the objective of the marketing campaign.

When we received the first brief of the project’s purpose and content, our interest was piqued immediately. The topic was very inspiring, interesting, significant and topical, i.e., in alignment with the values of Hatfuls Creative. We understood the customer’s communicational needs as well as both
the opportunities and risks of the chosen approach.

We wanted to tell a strong, emotionally impactful story that is backed with hard, scientific facts. The video had to look and sound very international, as the WESP system is aimed at the global market. Our excitement and strong vision could already be seen in the script, which convinced the customer to trust our bold idea.

The feedback Valmet received about the video after its release confirmed that our bold and emotionally impactful approach was the correct choice for the successful global marketing of WESP.

Client: Valmet Oyj
Production: Hatfuls Creative
Producer / Director / 3D Animation / Post Production: Aleksi Tuomela
Script / Director: Vesa Taipaleenmäki
Editors: Matias Tuomela & Aleksi Tuomela

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