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Matias Tuomela

CEO, Producer, Founder

Matias is an experienced producer. A lot of different kinds of projects have been successfully brought to completion under his leadership. A decade of work has accumulated a great deal of experience in video, animation and software productions.

Matias also grabs the camera when necessary, and enjoys looking at the world from diverse viewpoints.

In his spare time, Matias gets excited about nature, woodwork and gardening.

+358 409123514



Vesa Taipaleenmäki

Senior Executive Producer / Director, Co-owner

Vesa is a multi-talent, trained in numerous productions: an experienced producer, director, cinematographer, editor and screenwriter. Vesa has been thriving in the field since 1996. He has produced, directed, filmed and edited numerous marketing and brand videos for many international companies and institutions, participated in various roles in thousands of advertising productions, and earned a reputation as a cinematographer in more than a dozen documentary films.


In his work, Vesa is fascinated by challenges and extreme conditions. He is familiar with working in the icy cold at the top of a mountain, in a helicopter above floodwaters, or a kilometer underground in a dark mining tunnel.


Nature is Vesa's place to recharge, and an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Many success stories have been born while surrounded by the Finnish woodlands.

+358 400187247



Juha Salminen

Animator, programmer

When spectacular 3d animations or product images are needed, Juha opens Blender and works wonders. Even complex processes turn into clear visualizations in Juha's hands.


Aleksi Tuomela

Executive Creative Director, Founder

Aleksi is a true interdisciplinary artist. In his hands 3d animations, videos and musical works are crafted with experience. By constantly following the latest technologies and learning new techniques he ensures that his artistic expression never stagnates.

Aleksi's world is never complete, because there's always an abundance of new philosophical and aesthetic realms to conquer. A big part of his free time is spent tinkering with ideas and making music and videos, and sharing the end results to the world in the hope of a better tomorrow.

+358 401781755



Johannes Tuomela

Senior Lead Programmer, Co-owner

Johannes is a passionate programmer. Experience in large software projects has been accumulating over the years, from developing cloud services to mobile applications. Strong teamwork skills and control of new technologies enables fast and high-quality product development.


Johannes is interested in all kinds of complex algorithms, with which you can challenge yourself and discover new methods. Some free time is also spent exploring various physical simulations. Other hobbies include woodworking and music.

+358 445451004


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