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Over the years, we have had the opportunity to conduct safety orientations for several mining companies. These orientations have been created in video and animation formats. The strength of the video lies in conveying atmosphere and emotion, especially in environmental matters. The advantage of animation is its ease of updateability, and overall, they withstand the test of time well.

We understand that the creation of safety orientations must be taken seriously. In the planning of content, a functional and open dialogue with the customer is of paramount importance to us.

From the perspective of the user undergoing orientation, the most crucial aspect is that the orientation is well-structured, and the presented information is memorable. We prefer creating short and visually engaging orientation modules, from which a tailored combination can be assembled for each user. We also assist, if needed, in the implementation of orientations into the customer's systems.

Below are a few examples of safety orientations we have created for Sokli

Client: Sokli Oy

Production: Hatfuls Creative

Producer / Director: Matias Tuomela

Cinematography: Aleksi Tuomela, Matias Tuomela

Editor: Matias Tuomela

Animation: Aleksi Tuomela, Doney Sundaramoorthy

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