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Tapojärvi Oy wanted a convincing and impressive demonstration of their mining services and the mining project in Kolari, Finland, conducted by Hannukainen Mining. The aim of the videos was to highlight the values and organisational cultures of the companies, and ponder the justification and global significance of
the mining industry in Europe and in Finland. Why do we need mines? Can mining operations be conducted ethically, responsibly and sustainably? What is modern mining like? The core message was very topical and significant. Our thoughts and values were in alignment. Inspiration struck immediately.

The videos had to look and sound very international, but also work for a domestic audience as Tapojärvi Oy is a 100 % Finnish family-owned company and the owner of Hannukainen Mining Oy. The videos also had to be able to stand alone as well as complement each other when presented together.

Our collaboration with Tapojärvi is characterised by strong trust. We know our customers, and they know us. Creating convincing and emotionally impactful content requires a thorough deep-dive into the topic at hand, understanding and committing to it, and precise scriptwriting. Each image and word and their
significance must be carefully deliberated. Here our experience of the mining industry and its communications is valuable capital. We dare to tell the customer’s story boldly, and with pride.

Client: Tapojärvi Oy
Production: Hatfuls Creative
Script / Director: 
Vesa Taipaleenmäki
Cinematography: Matias Tuomela, Vesa Taipaleenmäki & Jussi Finnilä
Post Production: Aleksi Tuomela

“Hatfuls listens to the needs of their customers and produces a visual story that looks just like the customer.
Cooperation is seamless and effortless.”

Tiina Nousiainen, Communications Manager, Tapojärvi Oy

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