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software development

Talenom is a leading Finnish accounting firm, and a pioneer of digital bookkeeping. We have been involved in developing the Talenom mobile application and we have also produced some stunning product videos for their new products.

Johannes has served as the lead programmer of the mobile app, and he has also been heavily involved in the development of its background systems. We have the ability to create even extensive systems from start to finish. We enjoy taking responsibility for software development and ensure that the final result is of high quality.

Lead software engineer: Johannes Tuomela
Software developer: Juha Salminen
UI Design: Matias Tuomela
3D art: Aleksi Tuomela

“Hatfuls is a great partner for developing a new product. High-quality code is generated at an even pace
and the marketing materials are always top notch.”

Patrik Niskanen, Development Manager, Talenom

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