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Finnish Youth Center Association

Together with Finnish Youth Centres SNK we planned an impressive and atmospheric advert. The production process was anything but simple, but we also managed to have fun and all the pieces fell into place as planned. When enough time is reserved for scriptwriting, even the wilder ideas can be harnessed
and polished into a terrific video.

Client: Finnish Youth Center Association
Production: Hatfuls Creative

Producer / Director: Matias Tuomela
Cinematography: Aleksi Tuomela, Matias Tuomela, Vesa Taipaleenmäki
Post proinduction: Aleksi Tuomela

“We chose Hatfuls as our partner as we thought that they would be able to realise our technically
challenging initial idea. It was also important to us that the work group is accustomed to working with kids
and youths and has mastered filming in natural light. Our video was super successful in achieving that
atmosphere of year-round kids and youths’ camps that you have at camp schools, for example. The project
went swimmingly from the start, and we actually got a video that was of much higher quality than we had
even expected.”

Timo Sipilä, communications manager, SNK

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