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The video presents Raumaster's extensive delivery project for Oulun Energia’s new Laanila bio power plant in Oulu.

For the first time, viewers of the video get the chance to follow the realisation of a major project from the ground up, through the construction stage, testing and inspections, all the way to the completed an operational power plant. The video also aimed to highlight the people who make these power plants, and the human beings of Raumaster who are behind their reliability and high quality. COVID-19 posed its own challenges during the shoot. Masks on people’s faces will always remind us of this period.

Phantom Flex4K high-speed camera also made a visit to Laanila to film the operation of the magnetic separator of a SRF fuel conveyor. The magnetic belt snatches pieces of metal out of the fuel stream at lightning speed. 1 000 frames per second revealed this to be a beautiful ballet of metallic fairies.

Client:Raumaster Oy
Production:Hatfuls Creative
Producer / Director:Vesa Taipaleenmäki
Cinematography:Aleksi Tuomela, Matias Tuomela, Vesa Taipaleenmäki, Ville Sandqvist
Editor: Matias Tuomela
Colorist:Juha Salminen
Art Director:Aleksi Tuomela
Music:Severi Peura / Peura Sound

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