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Hatfuls Creative has been involved in several of Ponsse's virtual product launch events. These events require a variety of content, and we have been creating impressive teaser videos and animations that showcase the latest products. The bold visual style raises the excitement levels high during the shoots, but we also have a lot of fun in the animation studio.

In addition to filming and animation, we are happy to take full responsibility for video production, including style and content. We invest in long-term customer relationships, so we can efficiently produce complex content for our clients whose business and products we thoroughly understand.

Client: Ponsse Oyj
Hatfuls Creative
Producer / Director: Vesa Taipaleenmäki
Cinematography: Aleksi Tuomela, Matias Tuomela, Vesa Taipaleenmäki
Editor / Colorist / Sound Designer: Aleksi Tuomela
3D Animation:
 Aleksi Tuomela, Juha Salminen

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