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Agnico Eagle
communication | safety

Hatfuls Creative has already been producing wide-ranging high-quality communications for Agnico Eagle’s gold mine in Kittilä for a long time. Over the years we have publicised new development projects at the mine, produced safety orientation videos, spread awareness about traffic behaviour and been involved in
making the operations of the mine more visible.

Our long shared history guarantees efficient and functional cooperation. Productions are planned together, and we have also learned to anticipate future needs. Over the years we have become familiar with the practical arrangements at the mine, so no time is wasted on learning during the shoot. Long-term, high-quality communications have garnered praise from the mine’s stakeholders and played a part in establishing Agnico Eagle’s reputation as a pioneer in the sector.

Client: Agnico Eagle Finland Oy
Hatfuls Creative
Producer / Director: Vesa Taipaleenmäki

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