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product video

Hatfuls Creative has been creating marketing material for Valmet for several years. Many productions run smoothly to completion with the confidence that comes from experience, but occasionally, a project comes along that challenges even a seasoned professional.

Valmet wanted to showcase their board manufacturing solutions in the customer's own context, i.e. in a board machine. We had to take control of a massive CAD model of the whole board plant, extract the necessary board machine from it, and successfully optimize it for animation work. This proved to be an interesting challenge as we had never before dealt with such a heavy 3D model in animation.

With a little development work we were able to get it working, and the end result was a presentation that the customer could easily relate to, demonstrating how Valmet's products can help them.

Client: Valmet Oyj
Production: Hatfuls Creative
Producer / Director / 3D Animation / Post Production: Aleksi Tuomela

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